Our approach

Your journey to an accessible and inclusive organization starts here:

  • Commitment

    CEO and executive commitment to change, supported by consistent messaging.

  • Knowledge

    Organization-wide education and learning from internal and external experts.

  • Transparency

    Open dialogue, collaborative effort, with continuous improvement mindset.

This image desribes the ongoing improvement process.

  1. Assess: Establish benchmark and metrics and identify your successes and gaps.
  2. Plan: Define your objectives and develop your strategy and action plan.
  3. Implement: Implement your plan and measure your success.

Repeat the process and continue to learn and share.

Your SenseAbility partnership provides:

  • Support and resources

    • Relationship manager support
    • Advisory services
    • Benchmarking tool
    • Access to member resources and best practices
  • Learning experiences

    • Business-focused learning workshops
    • Lunch and Learns
    • Panel events
    • Workshops with industry experts
  • Opportunities to share

    • Networking events
    • Executive roundtables
    • Newsletters
    • Brand and social media visibility
    • Research opportunities