Advancing business through disability inclusion

Close to 1 in 5 Canadians have a disability. They are customers, employees, suppliers and investors and make up a population segment much too large for businesses to ignore.

Creating accessible and inclusive workplaces involves having strong and sustained organizational commitment and knowledge. To fully welcome, support and advance employees with disabilities in your organization requires the right attitudes, behaviours, processes and systems. This is critical to building the expertise required to create innovative products and services that will attract this powerful consumer market. It’s a fact that businesses that employ and market to people with disabilities outperform those that don’t.

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NEW: Life After School 
Connecting employers with students with disabilities

Life After School is a pilot project funded in part by the Government of Ontario and developed in partnership with the Abilities Centre, select Ontario high schools and colleges aiming to match students with disabilities with employers for experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities. For additional information, see the section Life After School or contact us at

Show me a product that's easy to use and I'll show you 1.3 billion customers

Every year, Canadians with disabilities represent a market worth over CDN $55 billion. Designing inclusively means access to new market opportunities just like this one, but more importantly, it means better products and services for everyone, customers and employees alike. Make people with disabilities a part of your workforce. Do design better.

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