A look into SenseAbility’s new member site

Canadian Business SenseAbility exists to help organizations become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities– whether they are employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, partners or shareholders. In doing so, companies can improve their performance in meaningful, measurable ways.

Organizations that are great to work for and interact with, have an inclusive approach to doing business. They consider accessibility an integral approach to better business outcomes, not something special. Our new member exclusive portal is designed to provide the information, best practices and tools to help organizations remove barriers and become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.

An ever-evolving hub of learning, the website is broken down in easily digestible and highly actionable components:

  • Overview – What is disability? What are common misconceptions? What opportunities does this market present?
  • Moving ahead – How do we measure success? What about disability etiquette? What are the benefits of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for people with disabilities?
  • Recruit –  How do I recruit people with disabilities? What are some of the barriers that may exist within my organization? Is our digital presence inclusive?
  • Accommodate – What are some common accommodations? Do I have a proper accommodation plan in place?
  • Learn – Description of SenseAbility’s disability inclusion learning opportunities
  • Resources – Digital assets, online discussion forum and networking group, knowledge centre

This is a sample of what is included in our updated member-only site, as included in membership benefits.

We offer three levels of membership and optional fee-based services designed to suit your needs. For details, see Membership options or contact us at membership@senseability.ca.

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