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Guest blog post from our newest member Air Canada. 

At Air Canada, diversity and inclusion are essential to our success. We aim to create a healthy and rewarding work environment for our employees.

Our fundamental principles are:

  • Provide a work environment where all employees feel respected and recognized;
  • Highlight employees’ unique contributions to our company’s success;
  • Ensure that our customers feel represented by our workforce diversity, and treat our customers with warmth and compassion.

At Air Canada we:

  • Promote our equal career opportunities to all communities;
  • Attract diverse talent by building partnerships with external organizations and by participating in diverse career fairs and events, in close collaboration with the Talent Acquisition team;
  • Give our employees a voice by offering involvement in opportunities such as networking events, diversity committees and employee resource groups;
  • Educate and coach our employees on inclusive practices.

We joined SenseAbility because we feel they can guide us in improving our practices and processes to help us reach our goal to attract and retain the best talents in creating an inclusive workplace!

Please enjoy our video: