Empowering unique Canadian perspectives

Guest blog post from our newest member CBC/Radio-Canada.

 At CBC/Radio-Canada, we’ve come to embrace inclusion as a mindset.

We’ve deepened our thinking from focusing mainly on numbers and compliance to something far more encompassing, and that enables us to become ever more relevant to more Canadians.

Our diversity and inclusion vision is to be the media leader in drawing on the wealth of unique Canadian perspectives to shape our content, workplace and workforce. We believe in celebrating human differences, and that there is no other way to become the best public broadcaster for all Canadians.

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past years, and our workforce continues to reflect the evolving demographics of our country. There’s still more work to be done and we know that there is no end point to inclusiveness. Joining SenseAbility represents one of the important steps that CBC/Radio-Canada is taking to fulfill its diversity and inclusion vision.

After all, there will always be new abilities to consider, new voices to hear, and new ideas that will continue to broaden our understanding of the rich fabric of our country.

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