Diverse reading

Finding a job

At Canadian Business SenseAbility, we work with organizations to create more inclusive workplaces. Our work means that people with all types of disabilities will not be automatically disqualified for a job because of their disability. We are doing our best to ensure that job seekers who face challenges finding employment will have barrier-free access to employment opportunities and be recognized for the tremendous value they bring to employers across Canada.

Finding a job takes persistence

Finding a job presents big challenges for everyone, including those without a disability. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people apply for the same posted positions. Rejection is the norm and should be expected. It can be disheartening when you are unsuccessful. Take advantage of some recommendations identified below to help make your job search successful.

Connect with companies that work with us

If you are a person with a disability seeking a job, we recommend you connect with companies that work with us, some of which are featured at the bottom of our home page. They understand the immense talent that people with disabilities bring to their organizations and are committed to providing welcoming and supportive work environments. Also, we suggest that you follow us on social media. We frequently feature organizations that are committed to hiring people with disabilities.