High school

High school students with disabilities are a great source of talent, but may face barriers to employment. SenseAbility’s Life After School High School pilot project is designed to address some of these barriers.

Why this program is important

Life After School is a program created to meet the needs of employers who understand the value of and are seeking a pathway to hire youth with a disability. Life After School is a job-matching technology and experiential learning pilot where students demonstrate that they have the skills you need. This ensures that every candidate you interview has the ability to do the job. It’s your very own talent pipeline for youth with a disability.

Why experiential learning

Experiential learning has been called the “Future of Learning” for good reason. Learners apply their current skills and knowledge in a workplace, accelerating learning while bridging the gap between theory and practice. It builds soft skill development like communication, analytical and problem-solving skills. In short, students apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to a work environment.

For business this is great news. As an employer, you are looking for high school students and graduates who have the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Employers report that when working with youth who have a disability, staff engagement levels are higher, resulting in a win/win for everyone.

Experiential learning changes perceptions and attitudes of all those involved. This is critical in building a diverse workforce. Life After School is a unique online platform that delivers a diverse talent pipeline from school to your business while building your company’s ability to work with, and manage, diverse candidates.

Employer benefits

  • Inexpensive channel to develop a diverse pipeline of future employees
  • Low risk way to train and evaluate prospective employees (“a working interview”)
  • Builds current employees’ comfort and capacity in working with a diverse range of individuals
  • Raises visibility as an inclusive employer and foster community relationships


Have a look at the Life After School – High school toolkits:

About the Abilities Centre

SenseAbility has partnered with the Abilities Centre to implement the Life After School/High School pilot project. The Abilities Centre is an internationally renowned, innovative community hub where people of all ages and abilities enrich their lives by engaging in social, health and cultural programs. For additional information, visit abilitiescentre.org.

For further information regarding Life After School please contact us at info@senseability.ca.

Life After School/High School is a pilot program created through the collaboration of the Abilities Centre and Canadian Business SenseAbility and is funded in part through the Skills Catalyst Fund of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Government of Ontario.