Photo: Varun Chandak, Mahe Davar, Nikitha Ramesh and Natalie Eckler.

Meet the future accessibility and inclusion change makers

If you haven’t yet heard of the Access to Success Organization… you likely will… and very soon. Varun Chandak, Mahe Davar, Nikitha Ramesh and Natalie Eckler are second year MBA students at the Rotman School of Management who are about to empower and inspire hundreds of MBA students across Canada and the U.S. to change how business thinks about accessibility and inclusion. This will not be through a mainstream approach to advocacy, but rather with a universal design mindset that will offer scholarship and fellowship opportunities for MBA students to advance disability accessibility and inclusion on campus, and in the corporate world as future business leaders.

When SenseAbility was approached to become a founding Board Director of the Access to Success Organization, we embraced the opportunity to expand our commitment to work with students to advance their employment opportunities. In supporting the Access to Success executive team towards achieving their goals to incorporate as a viable not-for-profit, and to plan their inaugural universal design conference, it became abundantly clear that not only were we in the company of brilliant critical thinkers, but individuals whose diversity of perspectives and deep personal commitments created a business model destined for success. “You can’t change the world working 9 to 5”, is a testament to their dedication, boundless energy, and work ethic – and an infectious sense of humour keeps their Access to Success vision en pointe!

Join Varun, Mahe, Nikitha, and Natalie, and an impressive group of corporate sponsors, guest speakers, guests, and students, for the inaugural Access to Success Universal Design Conference and Case Competition, February 10, 2018. Visit for more information.