Planning accessible events

Often, it’s assumed that event participants won’t have accessibility requirements unless a disability is visible. However, most disabilities are invisible.

When organizing events, best practice is to remove barriers wherever possible, and to ask participants to specify requirements

Here are 10 questions to consider while planning your events:

  1. Does your venue provide step-free access?
  2. Are doors easy to operate and openings appropriately sized to welcome participants using wheelchairs?
  3. Have you considered message clarity, font size and contrast in your event invitation?
  4. Are you providing invitees with options to contact you for additional information or to reserve their seats?
  5. During the reservation process are you asking your invitees whether they require any adjustments?
  6. Are event presentations prepared in adequately large font with sufficient contrast?
  7. Is a digital version of the presentation available in advance of the event?
  8. Are videos subtitled?
  9. Have speakers been briefed to use the microphone, if provided, and to include a verbal description of graphs and charts?
  10. Do you ask for feedback on accessibility after the event?

An Inclusive and accessible event can drive improved participation and audience satisfaction. Make accessibility part of your planning.