Photo of SenseAbility and RBC employment team at a RBC diversity employment event

RBC empowers students with disabilities through an inclusive careers approach

Vivian Li, Ronald Peters and Alelie Ocampo are often seen at recruitment events in signature RBC t-shirts, their commitment to engage potential recruits apparent in their unparalleled positive energy, authenticity and enthusiasm. This February, RBC hosted its first exclusive networking events for students and professionals with disabilities. The events included a lively panel discussion addressing disclosure, advocating for abilities, and requesting an accommodation, followed by networking and interview opportunities for all attendees. What stood out to SenseAbility as guest participants was that the same enthusiasm, energy and authenticity extended across multiple RBC recruitment and management staff – all committed to creating a welcoming environment for candidates to learn about opportunities and be engaged. The outcome? Overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff and participants!

RBC is an employer partner in SenseAbility’s Life After School pilot that directly connects college students with disabilities to WIL/Co-op opportunities with inclusive employers. RBC has demonstrated the same willingness to test a new approach that removes barriers to work opportunities for students with disabilities and recognizes the potential to attract great talent! Outcomes of the Life After School pilot project? To be continued.