Why SenseAbility

Is accessibility and inclusion a priority for your business?

It should be. People with disabilities are your customers, employees and bosses. They are your vendors, suppliers and investors.

People with disabilities represent a large and important group. Almost 1 in every 5 Canadians has a disability 1. Unlike other diversity groups, any of us can join this group at any time, and most of us will at some point in our lives. As the Canadian population ages, so does your customer base and workforce. The prevalence of disability increases with age therefore the prevalence of Canadians will disabilities will continue to increase over time.

The market has never been more competitive for both talent and customers. Inclusive businesses build strong workplace cultures that lead to greater teamwork and employee engagement. People with disabilities bring unique perspectives to business, leading to product, service and process innovation that will generally benefit everyone—a competitive advantage!

53% of Canadians have a disability or a close connection to someone with a disability 1. This represents over half of your potential customers and employees. People connected to the disability market are increasingly directing their loyalty and dollars to companies that are inclusive of people with disabilities—a market estimated to be worth more than USD $8 trillion per year globally 1.

At SenseAbility, we help private and public sector organizations become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities. Learn how we can help your organization build an inclusive and innovative workplace. Contact us at info@senseability.ca.


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