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Canadian Business SenseAbility is Canada’s only national, bilingual business network dedicated to helping private and public sector organizations become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities. We provide the context around why it is important to your business, what you need to know about inclusive workplaces and how to develop and implement a plan that works best for you.

SenseAbility will provide you with practical support by offering learning programs, tools, advisory services, networking opportunities, and important brand and social media visibility to help you successfully employ people with disabilities and attract them as customers.

Here are some of the fee-based services that we offer. Scroll down the page or select one of the following links to move directly to a topic of interest.

Benchmark and measure your progress with our Disability Inclusion IndexTM (DII)

The Disability Inclusion IndexTM (DII) is SenseAbility’s online benchmarking tool for measuring your business against the key elements of disability inclusion and accessibility. The tool establishes a benchmark score for your organization so that you can measure progress year-over-year. Following the completion of the DII, you will receive an assessment of your results with recommendations on next steps. We highly recommend conducting this assessment annually. For additional details, see our page Disability inclusion index.

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SenseAbility learning workshops

An inclusive workforce benefits everyone, including the business bottom line. We offer innovative learning workshops for groups of up to 20 participants that will help you become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities. SenseAbility is committed to ongoing development and delivery of exceptional learning experiences through consultation with businesses, academic institutions, and disability inclusion experts.

Rethinking disability

Rethinking disability is our signature introductory learning workshop. You will learn what disability is, review common misperceptions, barriers to employment and facts related to disability. Rethinking disability helps employees understand the value to your organization of including people with disabilities as employees, customers, clients and others you do business with.

Rethinking disclosure: A competitive advantage

Rethinking disclosure: A competitive advantage is one of our advanced learning workshops. You will learn that “how”, “when” and “what” you ask your employees and potential hires regarding workplace adjustments, directly impacts your success. You will also learn how your approach to disclosure during recruitment, onboarding and people management, can be a competitive advantage to your organization.

Introduction to inclusive design thinking in employment

Introduction to inclusive design thinking in employment is one of our advanced learning workshops. You will discover the power of inclusive design thinking and participate in activities related to applying this thinking to the employment process. In addition to the review of case studies of products and services designed with this approach, you will also identify and discuss, in small groups, potential changes to the hiring process from an inclusive design perspective.

Rethinking the customer journey

Rethinking the customer journey is one of our advanced learning workshops. This workshop is designed to review the customer journey through the lens of people with disabilities and to put their journey front and centre for businesses to seize a competitive advantage. Enhancing every step of the customer journey for all, including people with disabilities, will improve the experience for everyone.

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Lunch and Learn Speaker Series

Lunch and Learn Speaker Series sessions are designed to raise awareness and promote the concepts of inclusiveness in an interactive and engaging manner. They are shorter in length and conducted with smaller, more informal groups than our learning workshops.

Lunch and Learn topics include:

  • Designing for the edges: Why it matters
  • Rethinking disclosure: Moments of truth
  • Communication matters: “What” we say and “how” we say it counts
  • Disrupting the recruitment pipeline
  • Does your customer journey work for everyone?

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SenseAbility organizes a number of professional learning and networking events addressing a variety of relevant topics related to disability in the workplace or marketplace during the year. These events create opportunities for leaders across multiple industries and business units to exchange ideas and best practices in accessibility and inclusion. If you would like to host an event or if you would like us to speak at one of your internal events, contact us at

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Promoting your commitment

Opportunities to promote your commitment and successes are available in our website blogs and via our social media channels. Access to the SenseAbility logo and web link for display on your website, job postings or other material to highlight your commitment to disability inclusion is also available.

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Customized advisory services

Regardless of where you are on your journey to disability inclusion, we will customize advisory services for your specific initiatives, unique projects or focus areas. Contact us for details at

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Learn how we can help your organization build an inclusive and innovative workplace. Contact us at